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Jams and Marmalades



Manufacture of Jams and Marmalade

Our blackberry jam (blackberry sweet) and pineapple jam (pineapple sweet), "capucho" jam (also known as sweet of "capucho") and marmalade, are products of high quality produced from selected fruits.

Jams are a memory of old days, long before trade and the improvement of living conditions turn them into a generalized product and a delicious delicacy. They were born of deprivation, in the distant past, when the seasons of the year governed the agricultural cycles.To cope with the harsh winter conditions, populations prepared large quantities of food in times of abundancy.

Jams are preserved fruits, which are cut into pieces and boiled with sugar.
Sweets that can be served as dessert, mixed with yogurt or ice cream, used as filling for cakes or other sweets.